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0344 874 7747

Virgin Atlantic is a British Airline, with the majority of it being owned by Richard Branson’s Virgin Group. Its main operating bases can be found in Gatwick, Heathrow and Manchester Airport.

You could need to use the Virgin Number after finding that you need to discuss an upcoming flight or a past experience with a member of the Virgin Customer Service team.

What Help Can I Get From The Virgin Atlantic Contact Number?

The help you can get from the Virgin Atlantic Number can be related to:

  • Using the online booking facilities
  • Cancelling your flight
  • Accepted payment methods
  • Editing flight details
  • Problems accessing your flight details online


Virgin Atlantic Address

Virgin Atlantic Address
Head Office The Office, Manor Royal, Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 9NU

Virgin Atlantic Opening Hours

Virgin Atlanti Opening Hours
Monday- Friday 9am – 6pm
Weekend’s closed

Frequently Asked Questions For Virgin Atlantic

“How Do I Travel With A Wedding Dress?”

 The best way to travel with a wedding dress on a Virgin Atlantic flight is to pack your garment into a separate suitcase and mark it as “Fragile Wedding Garments”. Then place this case in the hold of the aircraft.

However, you can also take your garments on broad the aircraft cabin if you wish to, as long as they are packed in your hand luggage and fit the specified weight and dimension requirements.

Due to CAA regulation, Virgin Atlantic cannot hang wedding garments for passengers seated in the Economy and Premium Economy cabins.

Virgin Atlantic passengers“When Can I Request My Seats?”

You can choose to assign your seat 24 hours before your flight departs at no extra charge. You do this by visiting the “Manage Flights” section. If you cant see any seats showing as being available to request, this means that the option is no longer available. Don’t worry, you will be allocated seats when you check in at the airport.

Passengers who are travelling with infants are unable to request seats online. You can do this by ringing the Virgin Atlantic Customer Service team. Allocating seats guarantees you will be sitting together with whoever you are travelling with, particularly recommended if you are travelling in a big party. If you have not reserved your seats and re unable to sit together, we will make sure that every child under the age of 12 from your party is sat with an adult member of your group. Virgin had made improvements to their seat allocation system and you can now choose specific seats from as soon as 336 days before your flight, for a fee. Fees start at £25 per seat/ $40. The new seat allocation does not apply to customers who are travelling upper class, premium economy, are an economy Y or B class customer a  flying club gold member. As the new system brought in new rules only recently, if you booked your flight before this changed (12th November 2014) then you are still entitled to reserve your seat 60 days before your flight, free of charge. If you are a member of the Flying Club, you will have additional benefits. If you are a gold member, as previously mentioned, there is no need for you to reserve your seat. If you are a silver member you will be able to book a seat free of charge 14 days prior to flying and if you are a red member, free of charge seat allocation will be available to you 72 hours before the flight.

visit the Virgin Atlantic website for more information on becoming a member of the flying club.

“Can I Change My Flight Date?”

Typically most flight dates can be changed for a fee; however, this may be subject to the terms and conditions you agreed to when booking your flight. This cannot be done online and you must ring the Virgin Atlantic Contact Number for further assistance. The Virgin Atlantic Customer Service team is available 24 hours a day.

When you book a flight online you will be allowed a 24 hour ‘cooling off period’, unless you have booked your flight less than a week before it departs. The cooling off period will allow you to cancel your flight free of charge if you change your mind after booking. This can be done online if you are within the 24 hour period and you are cancelling your booking completely, not just taking some of the passengers off the ticket. If you fit the criteria, you can fill in the online request form. If circumstances change and you want to cancel your flight outside of the 24 hour window, you should still call and see what can be arranged, as details will be able to be changed but fees will likely incur. If your flight tickets were not booked online but through a travel agent then you should contact them for cancellation and refund arrangements. If you have a paper ticket you must send the ticket in the post to the refunds department, along with a brief explanation of why you are requesting a refund.

The terms and conditions of Virgin’s flight changing policy can be found in the small print. it states that you will be charged a fee of £90, £100 or £120 to change your flight per person. Terms and conditions vary but usually the fares that are bought as ‘sale fares’ are the ones subject to the most restrictive terms and conditions.

“What are Virgin Atlantic’s Classes of Service?”Virgin Atlantic upper class

Virgin Atlantic offers three different types of classes; Economy, Premium Economy and Upper Class. The classes vary in price and you have the option to choose from either of them when you are booking your ticket. Economy is Virgin’s basic standard of service, bit still boasts little luxuries like adjustable seats and extremely attentive service. Basic but extremely comfortable for travel. Virgin’s economy service boast going that extra mile by offering a choice of three different complimentary meals, blockbuster entertainment and a free amenity kit. If you want to go that little bit further, you can opt for Virgin’s premium economy service which totally fast tracks your airport experience,  so queues for check-in and boarding are a thing of the past. They also offer bigger, leather seats and enjoy free on-board wifi. You will be greeted with a complimentary drink and then will be able to enjoy a choice of three main meals served on china crockery, complete with linen. You are also entitled to free seat allocation. If you really want to enjoy luxury, you can opt for Virgin’s upper class option. An interactive video of the experience is available online before you book. The service starts from the second you arrive at the airport, with a chauffeur at both ends of your journey. You even get priority, private security so there is no waiting round whatsoever. You can then enjoy the award winning Virgin clubhouse at the airport. Staff at the clubhouse will alert you to your flight so you can ensure you relax, whilst not missing it at the same time.

“What is my Baggage Allowance?”

Different tickets allow for different baggage allowances with Virgin Atlantic. If you are flying economy, you are entitled to one bag per ticket, weighing no more than 23KG (50lb). This is applicable for all economy fliers on all Virgin Atlantic routes. The dimensions of bags allowed to go into the hold must be no more than 90 x 75 x 43. If you are travelling premium economy you are allowed two bags per person for no extra charge, the weight and measurement that applies to economy also applies in the same way here. Upper class allows three bags per person, again with the same weight and measurements. Virgin also offer an ‘infant’s allowance’ which means children are allowed one bag plus a pushchair or car seat. Every passenger is also allowed hand luggage. If you are unsure about what you can and cannot take in your hand luggage, do not hesitate to call the Virgin Atlantic Helpline. If you have booked your flights and would like to add additional baggage onto your booking, you can do so by going to the Virgin Atlantic website when check in opens (24 hours before) and adding your baggage on. Each person is allowed to pay for 10 lots of extra baggage. To add one additional bag, the charge will be £65 per bag and others after this will be charged at £140. If your bag is overweight when you arrive at the check in desk you will be charged £65 (the price of one additional bag). If your bag is over-sized you will be charged £40 for it to go into the hold.


Virgin Atlantic flies to a large number of destinations.

Africa & Middle East

  • Cape Town
  • Dubai
  • Johannesburg
  • Lagos


  • Delhi
  • Hong Kong
  • Mumbai
  • Shanghai
  • Tokyo

UK and Europe

  • Aberdeen
  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow
  • London
  • Manchester

USA and Canada

  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Las Vegas
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • New York
  • Orlando
  • San Francisco
  • Vancouver
  • Washington

Manage Flights

Once you book your flights, you will be given a booking reference which allows you to manage your flights online. Using this, you can add and edit things relating to your booking.

What can I do with Manage Your Flights?

  • Pick your seats to make sure your group is sitting together.
  • Add baggage and save time/money by adding it in advance.
  • Upgrade your cabin to a higher class.
  • Customise your experience by adding extras.

The Virgin Atlantic Flying Club

If you are a frequent flyer, it may be time to consider joining the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club. There is a range of different benefits on offer as you move through the ranks (red, silver and gold).


As soon as you join the Flying Club, you become a red member. You will earn miles on all Virgin Atlantic and partner airline flights. You can also earn on the ground through the network of partner hotels and car rentals. You can save money on Virgin Holidays and earn miles for every pound of your booking. You will also be the first to hear sale offers and the latest news. Parking at the airport will become cheaper as you get 5% off and you can enjoy award-winning lounges at the airport before you fly.


Join the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club to get a range of exclusive benefits.

Earn 15 Flying Club points in a year and you will move up to Silver membership. You still get all of the benefits of Red but with some extras such as:

  • 50% extra miles.
  • Full use of the Premium Economy check in area, no matter what class you fly in.
  • Priority if the flight you want is already full, you will be the first to be offered a cancelled seat.

Earn 40 points in your membership year and you’ll move up to Gold. Just some of the benefits of being Golden include:

Get the Gold membership and you will get exclusive invitations to the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse

Get the Gold membership and you will get exclusive invitations to the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse

  • 100% bonus on miles flown.
  • Bonus 2000 miles on your birthday.
  • No fees for changing dates.
  • Gold for life if you earn 1 million miles.
  • Upgrades to First Class on Delta’s domestic network.
  • Exclusive invitations to Virgin Atlantic clubhouses.
  • One extra piece of baggage up to 23kg.
  • Fast track through immigration and security.
  • Priority boarding.
  • Guaranteed Economy seat.

To keep your Gold status you must earn 40 points in your membership year.

The Virgin Experience

Inflight entertainment

Long-haul flights can be tedious, but not with Virgin Atlantic’s exclusive inflight entertainment programme.


Enjoy the latest blockbusters from the big screen alongside the best critically acclaimed indie films. There is over 50 films to choose from. The latest include American Hustle, Need for Speed and Anchorman 2.

You can enjoy a range of activities on Virgin's inflight entertainment programme.

You can enjoy a range of activities on Virgin’s inflight entertainment programme.


Virgin Atlantic has a great selection of TV from around the world. Whether you’re a documentary, reality or comedy fan there will be something for you. The latest releases include Game of Thrones, Family Guy and The Class of ’92.


If music is more your thing, there’s over 150 albums to choose from. There will be an album to suit every mood, with releases from the likes of Sam Smith, Lily Allen and Dolly Parton.


Use Skymap inflight to keep track of everything you need to know about your flight- where you are, how fast you’re going and how long until you land at your destination.

Skymap lets you track your journey whilst in the air.

Skymap lets you track your journey whilst in the air.


On selected flights there will be a great selection of games to keep your brain active. Some games even let you challenge other passengers. Example games include: Blackjack, Trivia Challenge and Who wants to be a millionaire?


You can keep up to date with the latest news even when you’re up in the air with breaking headlines and full coverage of all the sport, entertainment and business stories frequently updated.

More About Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic was founded in 1984 and has currently got a fleet size of 38 aircraft’s that serve over 30 destinations. Its headquarters can be found in Crawley in the United Kingdom.

The Virgin Atlantic fleet consists of both Airbuses and Boeing wide-body jets that are used for operations between the United Kingdom, North America, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East and Asia from its British bases in Gatwick,  Heathrow, Manchester and, seasonally, Glasgow Airport.

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