Turkish Airlines Contact Number UK

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020 7471 6666

Reasons to call the Turkish Airlines Contact Number UK:

• To book your seat on a flight.
• To change an aspect of your booking.
• To cancel your booking.
• To request special assistance.
• To join the Miles & Smiles programme.
• To get live departure and arrival information.
• To get a refund for a cancelled flight.
• To find out the baggage allowance.
• To book extras such as car hire for your trip.
Turkish Airlines opening Hours

Turkish Airlines Opening Hours
Monday 9.00 – 5.30
Tuesday 9.00 – 5.30
Wednesday 9.00 – 5.30
Thursday 9.00 – 5.30
Friday 9.00 – 5.30
Weekend’s closed

Turkish Airlines Address

Turkish Airlines Address
London Head office 149, Hammersmith Road, Lyric House, London, W14 OQL

Frequently Asked Questions

“How far in advance can I book a flight?”

Online reservations for a Turkish Airlines flight can be made 355 days in advance. You may need to reconfirm your flight 72 hours before you travel. You can book a Turkish airline flight via their website using the online services menu, the latest you will be able to book your flight is 3 hours before it is set to depart if you want to make a last minute journey. The website is easy to use and gives you an opportunity to plan your flights. You are able to purchase tickets at the airport, but this is only for certain flights, as well as in the Turkish Airline ticket office. If you can, it is best to book your tickets online as you are not limited and can purchase tickets for any direct and connecting flight. You can also book a round trip flight online, just select ’round trip’ when filling out your details.

“What is the earliest and latest time for online check in?”

Turkish Airlines passengers can benefit from the online check in option from 24 hours prior to your flight until 90 minutes before departure. Online check-in is recommended because it means avoiding airport queues to check in at the desk. To check in online you will need your flight reservation number which can be found on your confirmation email of when your booked your flight. You will also need details such as your first name and surname. Checking in online does not require you to register your baggage details, and this will be done separately when you arrive at the airport and drop your bag off at the check-in desk. The baggage drop off point will be closed 60 minutes before flight’s departure if you are travelling on an international flight and 45 minutes for domestic flights. It will open two hours before your flight so make sure you arrive in good time. If you have a connecting flight and want to check your bag in, your bag will be checked to your final destination. If you have a long stop-over and would like to retrieve your bag, please alert check-in staff, and this can be arranged. To avoid queues, there are check-in desks specifically for passengers who have checked-in online, and if these are not available you will be permitted to use the business class check-in desk.

“I require special assistance, who do you cater for?”

The airline aims to cater for any special needs. For instance, if a passenger is elderly, speaks a foreign language, is blind/deaf, has a phobia or is a young passenger, a special service will be provided primarily on the ground. Blind and deaf passengers can travel without a companion as the necessary help from staff will be available to them. Passengers that require a guide dog can arrange for one to be taken in the cabin with them or to travel as cargo, in order to do this they must make sure a reservation is made and approved at least 48 hours in advance. Passengers with a hearing impairment can travel unattended but passengers with both a visual and hearing impairment must be accompanied by assistance.

“My flight has been overbooked and I am not permitted to travel. What can you do for me?”

Most airlines overbook flights in order to account for ‘no show’ passengers. Carriers do try their best to cater for everyone however there is a slight chance that a seat may not be available. If this happens to you, you will be offered denied boarding compensation as well as services to help. In order to collect your compensation and get any other assistance you require, such as arranging to travel on a different flight, you must visit the ticket and sales counter where someone will be happy to assist you. The Denied Boarding and Compensation Assistance will mean you can rearrange your travel and prevent any further disruption.

“I’m in economy class, but I have a garment bag. Could this be hung up?”

If space is available in the business class closet, Turkish Airlines can hang up your garment bag if you so desire. Unfortunately, tickets cannot be updated to business class on the day as a different airfare has been paid for the ticket. It is possible to upgrade your ticket after it has been purchased, but this may not be possible during certain times of the year when business class can become fully booked. Alternatively, you can become a member of the Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles club which allows your to accrue air miles which you can then use to upgrade your ticket to business class and the total amount of miles that are needed for an upgrade are the same for adults and children and please note that with an upgraded ticket the exact same terms and conditions apply as with an original. You cannot upgrade your ticket for a round trip and it is only possible to upgrade it for one way only. If a ticket has been upgraded and you then require a refund, only the price of the original ticket can be refunded. Travel Agents are not authorised to upgrade your ticket and you will need to do this only with Turkish Airline staff.

“What is the air pressure in the cabin?”

The air pressure inside the cabin is generally between 5000-8000 feet. With increasing altitude, the oxygen in the air will decrease. The changing oxygen levels will have no serious effects on a healthy individual, but those with heart or lung issues may be affected negatively. Please ensure that you are healthy to fly before you do so, checking with your doctor if you have any doubts. As the air pressure increases on descent, you may feel pressure  in your ear drums.

“What classes are available on board?”

There are two classes on board flights. There is Economy Class and Business Class. Each class has different levels of service as well as seating. Economy class is standard, yet you will still receive an excellent level of service and hot meals on board. if you want something more special or would like to travel a little more comfortably, then Business class is what you’re looking for. Relax in the airport lounge before you board your flight, where you will be met with a range of drinks and freshly prepared food that is made to cater the time of day, served on custom made porcelain plates. There is a fully stocked bar on your flight and there will also be a wide selection of hot and cold soft drinks for you to choose from. Meals available vary depending on the season, please ask your server what is on the menu on the day of your flight.


Destinations Turkish Airlines fly to from the UK:

Turkish Airlines fly to a wide range of destinations from the UK, here are some of the most popular:

  • Albania
  • Bangladesh
  • Congo
  • Denmark
  • Ethiopia
  • Finland
  • Ghana
  • Hong Kong
  • Indonesia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Lebanon
  • Macedonia
  • Maldives
  • New Zealand
  • Pakistan
  • Qatar
  • Rwanda
  • Singapore
  • Tanzania
  • Ukraine
  • Vietnam
  • Zambia

Flight Classes

Economy class

The most basic class still experiences great service, with comfortable seats and fresh meals.

Comfort Class

Comfort Class passengers are greeted with welcome drinks, restaurant quality menus, a full beverage service and a second meal is offered before landing.

Business Class

Business Class passengers will be greeted with a choice of welcome drinks, carefully selected meals prepared for the time of day as well as a traditional Turkish soup service. There is also a fully stocked bar on board. All meals are also served on custom designed porcelain dishes, creating a unique atmosphere of ‘Turkish Hospitality’.

About Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines is based in Istanbul. The airline was founded back in 1933 and was initially intended to be primarily a domestic carrier. However, shortly after it added flights to Europe and Egypt, although it did continue to focus more towards domestic routes. The airline was historically plagued by complaints of bad customer service and delays as well as being the victim of several hijackings and accidents. This bad reputation culminated in 1974, when a flight taking off from France crashed, resulting in the deaths of 364 people. The airline has now turned its reputation around. It flies to over 241 destinations worldwide, with more international flights than domestic routes, contrary to its original ethos.

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