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Originally known as a part of the teletext service that could be accessed through ITV and Channel 4, Teletext Holidays has evolved with the times and become an online package holiday dealer, expanding on its basis as a traditional holiday retailer and utilising its existing infrastructure to offer high quality package holidays for competitive prices. Now, it is one of the UK’s most popular package holiday providers and fills over 1M hotel rooms every night, making it one of the top ten holiday providers in the UK.

Why Should I Call The Teletext Holidays Phone Number?

You may wish to call the teletext customer service phone number for any number of reasons, as they are a package holiday company and therefore responsible for the majority of aspects of your holiday experience. From destination to flights, flight staff and hotel location, food, drink, local nightlife, flight times, facilities on-site and pricing, you can get in touch with Teletext Holidays at any time and discuss anything you feel you need to.

They are connected to a computer database containing monumental amounts of information on the holiday destinations, hotels and locations, so whatever the question may be, they can find the answer. The customer service staff are also able to resolve any issues you may be having, as they are situated in the head offices of Teletext Holidays and are empowered to make changes where they need to – and in situations where conventional customer service staff can’t help, they are perfectly able to pass you up through the ranks to other more senior head office staff, executives and higher-ups at Teletext Holidays, who have the power and authority to bring you to a satisfactory conclusion, no matter your issue.

You may need to call for the following specific reasons – please note, this list is by no means exhaustive:

  • I have an issue regarding payment or billing
  • I would like to know about baggage when travelling
  • I would like to enquire about tickets, boarding basses and travel documents
  • I am struggling to use the Teletext Holidays service
  • I wish to make a complaint about Teletext Holidays


Teletext Holidays FAQs

What is included in the price of a holiday package?
I have an enquiry about my tickets or documents
What is the deal with baggage when booking with Teletext Holidays?
Who do I contact if I have an issue when travelling?
How can I pay the outstanding balance of my holiday?

Teletext Holidays Contact Phone Line Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Head Office 8am – 8pm Monday to Friday

Teletext Holidays Head Office

Department Address
Head Office 9th Floor Holborn Tower
137-144 High Holborn

Questions Frequently Asked Of The Teletext Holidays Phone Number

What is included in the price of a holiday package?

The holiday packages will generally include return flights and accommodation at a particular hotel or resort. Any bags you wish to check in or transfers you want to make will generally not be included in the price of a holiday from Teletext Holidays. If you wish to clarify what is included in your package, you can call the Teletext Holidays phone number.

I have an enquiry about my tickets or documents

Customers will be emailed their travel documents — such as vouchers for hotels and transfers or a flight summary — once the full balance has been paid. Tickets, meanwhile, should arrive one or two weeks before you depart on your vacation. The only exception is if you have made the booking within two weeks of leaving, in which case they must be picked up from the airport. If any of these have not arrived, or if there is a problem with the details on your documents, you should call the Teletext Holidays phone number.

What is the deal with baggage when booking with Teletext Holidays?

The checked baggage allowance is not informed by Teletext Holidays; it is at the discretion of each airline. Most airlines will have a restriction on bags over 15kg or 20kg, which will be weighed when you check in at the airport. You should check with your airline or on your boarding passes to find out the exact restrictions. Children under 2 will not be allowed any bags. Also, you may be forced to pay a small fee depending on how much your baggage exceeds the weight restriction if you go over the amount.

Who do I contact if I have an issue when travelling?

If you have an issue when travelling or at your resort, you must contact your hotel/local agent so that they have the opportunity to rectify it. If your issue is not resolved in this manner, Teletext has a 24 hour helpline for your use.

How can I pay the outstanding balance of my holiday?

There are a couple of ways to pay the leftover balance of your holiday. You can pay it on the ‘My booking’ page, or call Teletext’s dedicated payment line. The payment line is not available for hotel only bookings.

More About Teletext Holidays

Teletext Holidays used to be a teletext service that was available for ITV and Channel 4. Teletext began in the early 1970s and was designed by one of the lead designers at Philips. Teletext Holidays began in 1993 and would provide text based information about vacations that could be accessed through your television. In 2009, Ofcom decided that there was no need for teletext in a digital era where all of the information could be accessed better and faster over the internet. The owners, A&N Media, decided to shut down the service that summer. The Teletext Holidays service went digital instead in 2011 and offers all inclusive, cheap and last minute holiday deals.

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