Pokémon GO…On Holiday

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It’s the biggest game craze since the likes of Flappy Bird, but 55% of Pokemon Go-playing Brits say that their next destination must be a Pokéstop paradise, according to new data which has been gathered by Hotels.com.

85% of young people will play the game on their summer holiday, based on a survey of 500 people. They’ll spend on average four hours a day hunting, compared to three hours of sunbathing. 60% of the people surveyed believe that they’ll play the game more whilst they are on holiday than they would at home.

Interestingly, the Pokémon phenomenon is inspiring travellers to broaden their horizons, with 54% of people saying that they would consider going to a new destination because they know that there would be more Pokémon to catch there. In terms of choosing a hotel, travellers said that they cared more about having free wifi than they did about having a free breakfast, with a ratio of 64:37. 15% of the survey respondents said that they would choose a certain hotel over another if it was a Pokéstop, 23% said that they would choose one if it offered free lures. 52% of people also said that they were more likely to use a Pokégym within a hotel, than an actual gym.

Does this mean travellers will spend all their time sat in their hotel? Apparently not. 45% of travellers believe that they will actually spend more time exploring their destination as they search for Pokémon. It’s thought that these holidaymakers will walk around 4km each day that they are away, rather than spending their days laying around the pool.

The notion of a Pokémon Go bar crawl is also appealing to Brits, with 50% saying they would consider taking part in one this summer. 40% even said that they would prefer this idea to a romantic walk on the beach.


British people are willing to travel eight hours each way to New York, just so that they could play the game in what is supposed to be one of the top cities for Pokéstops. Hotels.com also said that searches for Sokcho in Korea were up by 95% for the period between the 10-19th July. They believe this increase is linked to Pokémon Go, as the city has a high number of Pokéstops. Players of the game believe that popular cities such as London, Tokyo, LA, Sydney and New York will have the largest amount of Pokéstops. The top 10 cities where British people think they will find a Pikachu are:

  • New York (65%)
  • London (53%)
  • Tokyo (48%)
  • Los Angeles (44%)
  • Las Vegas (28%)
  • Sydney (28%)
  • San Francisco (26%)
  • Manchester (20%)
  • Kyoto (20%)
  • Melbourne (19%)

Some Pokémon-mad players wouldn’t rule out travelling to some of the most unusual destinations such as the Artic Circle, Australian Outback, Mount Everest, North Pole and even North Korea in their quest to be the very best. According to Hotels.com, here are some of the top hotels where high amounts of Pokémon have been spotted:

  • Doha Marriott Hotel, Qatar
  • Mantra 2 Hotel, Sydney
  • Pestana Vintage Porto, Portugal
  • London Marriott Hotel, Twickenham
  • D’Best Hotel Bandung, Indonesia
  • Country Inn & Suites, Portland USA
  • Radisson Hotel Lansing, Michigan
  • The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa, California
  • Hotel Indigo, London

Simon Matthews from Hotels.com said that it is clear that Pokémon Go is influencing how we travel this summer. He said that he hopes the company can help customers find Pokéstops across the globe, by working on an algorithm to find ‘Pokétels’.

Are you hoping that you will find a Snorlax in Spain? A Pikachu in Portugal? A Jigglypuff in Jamaica? OK, we’ll stop now, but let us know in the comments!