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One of the most popular, far-reaching and recognisable airlines in the United States Of America, Delta provides both domestic and international flights to a staggering 319 destinations across 64 different countries. If you are planning to travel on a Delta Airlines flight, or you have just returned from one, you may wish to call the Delta Airlines customer service phone number.

Delta is headquartered in the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia. It operates hubs all over the world, however, and between Delta itself and its regional affiliates, it puts over 5,400 planes in the sky every day. Their domestic and international flights service an incredible network of 319 destinations, and this is expanded yet further by their partnership with the other three founding members of the SkyTeam airline alliance, Air France, Alitalia and Virgin Atlantic.

Delta Airlines is one of the last remaining legacy carriers in the US – that is, the airlines that existed before the deregulation of the airline industry in the US in 1978. Only Delta and four other airlines hold this honour, with the remaining carriers set up to take advantage of deregulation afterwards and often disparagingly called “the low-cost airlines.”

In 2013, Delta Airlines was briefly the world’s largest airline by number of passengers carried, but has since been eclipsed at the top spot by American Airlines, its oldest rival.

Why Should I Call The Delta Airlines UK Phone Number?

Here are some of the many ways that Delta Airlines’ customer service team can help you out:

  • Advice about booking your trip with Delta
  • How to prepare for flying with Delta Airlines
  • Enquire about baggage requirements on a flight
  • Find out more about Sky Miles and how to use them
  • Claim a refund for a flight
  • Enquire about in-flight services
  • Make a comment or complaint to Delta

Delta Airlines FAQs

What are Sky Miles and how do I use them?
What in-flight services do Delta Airlines provide?
Can I check in for a flight online?


Delta Airlines Contact Phone Line Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Head Office 8am – 8pm Monday to Friday

Delta Airlines Head Office

Department Address
Head Office 1030 Delta Blvd
GA 30354
United States

Common Questions About Using Delta Airlines

What are Sky Miles and how do I use them?

Sky Miles is the frequent flyer loyalty programme established by Delta Airlines. It is a standard loyalty programme set up, with an account for every customer who chooses to use it. By flying with the carrier or using one of its partners on a number of occasions, customers who are signed up to the loyalty scheme will be able to earn Sky Mile points. These can then be used to upgrade your coach on a flight, book a trip to a destination, or shop on the airline’s Sky Miles marketplace, all free of charge, using the Sky Mile Points in place of money as part of the deal. Those who travel on a very regular basis may also be able to join the elite Medallion program and enjoy exclusive perks and benefits such as first-class cabin privileges, elite preflight lounges and faster boarding.

What in-flight services do Delta Airlines provide?

There are lots of ways that customers on a Delta Airlines flight can remain entertained while they are taken to their destination. Overhead screens are installed on most aircraft that will screen movies and television episodes. There is also the option to listen to music through its radio station. Some transoceanic routes will also have Delta On Demand; an on-demand range of entertainment that contains almost 30 new films and 60 hours of television, so you know that you’ll have plenty to watch, no matter how long your flight is. Delta Airlines also provide dining on many of their flights, and very commonly move a refreshments trolley offering soft drinks, tea and coffee, snacks and small servings of alcohol through even the shortest flights. On longer flights, dining and more substantial refreshment options are usually offered.

The longest Delta Airlines long-haul flights are able to offer multiple meals and forms of entertainment to customers.

Can I check in for a Delta Airlines flight online?

Between 24 hours and one hour before you fly on a Delta aircraft, you can check in online. This will give you a huge edge when it comes to actually getting into the airport, as it will allow you to bypass the queues by printing your boarding passes online. You can do this through Delta’s official website (this isn’t it) by using the Check In tab. You will need a confirmation number, the eTicket number and the credit card you used to purchase your flights to do this, but once you’ve done it you’ll be able to go straight to baggage drop or through security if you aren’t carrying hold baggage!

More Information About Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines was originally founded as Huff Daland Dusters in 1924, “dusting” an insecticide powder over land that was suffering from a boll weevil infestation. Over the ensuing 90 years, the company has grown to become one of the most successful airlines in the United States Of America, moving first to Monroe, Louisiana where it was named “Delta Air Services” in reference to the nearby Mississippi Delta region, and it began carrying passengers commercially for the first time in 1929. The only US airlines which could claim to be older were Western Airlines and Northwest Airlines, which began carrying passengers commercially in 1926 and 1927 respectively. However, Delta still outlived them, and they have unfortunately been lost to the ages, leaving Delta the oldest operational Legacy Carrier in the US.

It had the world’s largest fleet of aircrafts in 2011 and had the most passenger traffic the following year. In terms of revenue per kilometres flown it is also the second largest business of its type in the world. Delta’s corporate headquarters can be located in Atlanta, Georgia where it has been since the early 1940s.

Of the five remaining Legacy Carriers in the United States, Delta Airlines is the oldest still operating.

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