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Do You Take All Your Annual Leave?

Most workers in Britain get 28 days of annual leave each year- that’s just over five and a half weeks, based on working a five day week. Yet, recent studies have found that some people are reluctant to take it…why is that? Well, 33% of ...Read More

Making the Most of Your August Bank Holiday

Ignoring the traffic chaos on Britain’s motorways and the packed security queues in the airport, there are lots of ways to make the most of the upcoming August Bank Holiday. You don’t have to head off on a staycation or abroad because there’s plenty ...Read More

MOD Warns Soldiers of Potential Holiday Attacks

The Ministry of Defence has given an official warning to servicemen travelling on a family holiday, saying that they must conduct a threat assessment and cover up any regiment tattoos before they travel abroad, as terrorists could be looking for military victims to attack. ...Read More

Pokémon GO…On Holiday

It’s the biggest game craze since the likes of Flappy Bird, but 55% of Pokemon Go-playing Brits say that their next destination must be a Pokéstop paradise, according to new data which has been gathered by 85% of young people will play the ...Read More

Bye Bye Brochures: End Of An Era

For several years now, we’ve mainly turned to our computers to book a holiday. However, there’s still something about visiting a travel agent and picking up a glossy brochure which gets you really excited to go on holiday. By 2020, this will be a ...Read More